Meet Hyper, the Payment Method of The People ...

Let's face it, over half of the world is unbanked and most societies are cash driven, but that doesn't have to stop them from buying your products or subscribing to your services online. Your customers understand and trust the paper in their pockets and when complex payment methods are nowhere to be found, easy and efficient transactions are provided by Hyper!

Our combination of technology and service allows them pay their favorite online businesses with right away and with CASH!

How It Works? - 3 Simple Steps

As an e-commerce site owner, all you have to do is get you Merchant Account and have your developers integrate our simple API with your payment options.

1. Your customer chooses to check out with cash via Hyper at your online business's site and enters their mobile phone number.

2. Shortly after, the local Hyper representative will contact the customer and arrange a time to pick up the funds.

3. Immediately, as the cash is handed over to the hyper representative, our technology service indicates that the amount was collected successfully and the goods or services are fulfilled to the happy customer. All receipts are in your email and online account.

We Enable Everyone To Be Your Customer: For those who couldn't pay you before, now they can become your loyal customers by paying with the cash method they simply understand. Hyper's network reaches out to the regions that you can't physically get to, and that means more customers & a more attractive bottom line!
We Collect & Settle Quick: We reach customers within 24 hours or less, securely collect the money on your behalf and have it in your hands whenever you need it. From their door to your bank account and we do it all with a smile.
We Do Cash BEFORE Delivery (CBD): Hyper's money booking service decreases your failed orders. All the strangling troubles of Cash on Delivery (COD), rejected payment cards, charge-backs and other services are down to the minimum. Now when your customers pledge to buy an item, your money is safe and your return policy plays out as it should.
Easy to integrate API: Even with average coding skills, you can get Hyper up and running in no time. We provide fully detailed documentation right here (Link) so that no one gets left behind. After all, our payment method just appears like any other on your site. Your customers don't have to do anything new or different. They just checkout with Hyper and the process starts automagically!
Real-Time Payment Status Updates: Track the payment process up to the moment through Hyper's admin panel. Know when a cash order comes in, when contact is made with the customer, when the Hyper representative is dispatched and when the money is collect or deposited successfully. We give you the front seat transparency that you deserve.
Relax & Enjoy The Business: Let us worry about the money. Merchants should just be concerned about making their business more awesome. With hyper you can lay back and confidently monitor your growth and progress.